Rave Reviews Log: Science Fiction

April 09, 2009

STORM: The Infinity Code

By E. L. Young
Rating: 3 3/4 stars

This is as much an adventure as it is science fiction. Three brilliant students--Will the inventor, Andrew the software genius, and Gaia with the photographic memory and aptitude for mixing chemicals to make bombs--form an organization called STORM: Science and Technology to Over-Rule Misery. Their goal is to help change the world using their own special talents. But when Andrew pulls them together to work on the possible issues a solar flare will cause, Will feels like STORM is frustratingly useless. Until Andrew uncovers a space hotel and a plot to destroy it which seems to involve another brilliant mind--Caspian Baraban and his father. The trio do some snooping only to discover that Caspian has figured out the Infinity Code--a code that could potentially create a weapon that could destroy not only a space hotel but the entire planet. And he's bringing it from London to St. Petersburg to someone powerful enough to use it. The three jump into action to try and stop this possible disaster. But can some 14 year old brainiac kids go up against whatever evil mind has made this plan? With lots of cool inventions and undercover work, this book should hold the attention of those who enjoy spy novels as well as those who like science, technology and computers. Fans may want to continue with STORM: The Ghost Machine and STORM: The Black Sphere.