Rave Reviews Log: Science Fiction

January 05, 2010


By Margaret Peterson Haddix
Rating: 4 stars

This is book 2 in The Missing series. Readers most definitely need to have read the first book, Found, to make any sense of book 2 as it picks up exactly where we left off. Briefly, famous children have been stolen out of time and they all ended up together as infants in our present. Now at age 13, time travel experts from the future have located all of these now adopted children and want to send them back to where and when they came from originally to make history run the course that it should. But when one of these experts, JB, tries to send Chip and Alex back, Jonah and his sister Katherine tag along. They convince JB to let them stay and try to save Chip and Alex, who are actually princes of England, from certain death. Reluctantly, JB agrees to let them try. But little did Jonah and Katherine know how to manuever in 15th century England, especially when their friends lives are being threatened by their own uncle who is taking the crown for himself! Can this brother and sister team stop their friends from being murdered? And can they do it without changing history? Mindboggling time travel talk may daunt a few readers, but if they suspend their disbelief, they will be drawn into the fast-moving plot and even learn a few things about the 15th century. Fans will be happy to find that the ending is a set up for another time traveling adventure.


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