Rave Reviews Log: Science Fiction

December 08, 2008

Dragon and Liberator

By Timothy Zahn
Rating: 4 1/4 stars

In this final installment in the excellent Dragonback series, Jack, Draycos, Alison and Taneem are still trying to find out where the K'da and Shontine refugee fleet will arrive so they can warn them in time to avoid evil Mr. Neverlin and his alliance with the bloodthirsty Valhagua. The Valhagua have the Death, a weapon that can penetrate through ships and destroy a life's core, and they plan to exterminate the K'da. Jack and Draycos do their best to destroy as many of the Death weapons as they can, but when Alison is taken captive, they must give themselves up to insure her safety. But with help from some unexpected allies, Jack still has a few twists up his sleeve. Can the galaxy finally be safe for the K'da and Shontine? Or will Neverlin play an ace up his own sleeve? With plenty of action and turns in the plot, fans will race to read the final chapters and be satisfied by the ending to this fine science fiction series.