Rave Reviews Log: Science Fiction

February 12, 2007


By Philip Reeve
Rating: 4 1/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Imagine that instead of Isaac Newton just finding out about gravity, he discovered the chemistry that would make space travel possible in the 1800s instead of the 20th century. Art and his sister Evelyn live with their father in Larklight, a house floating in orbit past the moon. It is a peaceful and boring existence until some spider-like creatures arrive and take Larklight by force. Art and Evelyn manage to flee to the moon, where their adventures truly begin when pirate Jack Havock and his crew of various aliens rescue them. Art and Evelyn soon find they are being hunted by the spiders for one purpose only--the key to Larklight. But what is the key? And why do the spiders want it? Jack, his likeable crew, Art and Evelyn journey from Mars to Saturn to try and find the answers to their questions, eluding the spiders and finding new villains and heroes as they go. This is a fantastic adventure, with action happening around every turn, written much like a penny dreadful or dime novel. While some may be slightly put off by the style, most readers will ride the wave of nonstop plot to its inevitably happy conclusion. A great space romp!