Rave Reviews Log: Science Fiction

January 20, 2007

Dragon and Thief

By Timothy Zahn
Rating: 4 1/2 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Draycos is a member of the K'da race which has existed for thousands of years as symbionts with the Shontin race. The K'da are a dragon-shaped species who actually need to ride on their hosts for significant periods to survive. But another alien race is determined to exterminate both the K'da and the Shontine, so Draycos is part of an advance force, hoping to relocate to a new abandoned planet. Unfortunately, the refugees find some mercenaries waiting for them with orders to kill. Only Draycos manages to survive the attack, but who was it that leaked their arrival to their enemies? The space battle draws the eye of Jack Morgan, a 14 year old teen and ex-thief, struggling to survive on his own after the death of his Uncle Virgil. He is currently in hiding after being framed for a theft. When Jack goes in to check out the wreckage, he meets Draycos and becomes his next host. The two form an uneasy alliance when Draycos agrees to help clear Jack's name if Jack will then help the K'da warrior-poet find out who has betrayed his people. But as the pair begins to work together, they find that this is no simple frame up--the clues lead them straight to the leaders of one of the biggest mega-corporations on the Orion Arm. Can Jack clear his name and help Draycos find out who his enemies are? If you enjoy a space adventure with a fast-moving plot, good characters, and many sequels, pick up this book. Current sequels include Dragon and Solider, Dragon and Slave, and Dragon and Herdsman (see review), with more to come.