Rave Reviews Log: Science Fiction

May 28, 2008


By David Stahler, Jr.
Rating: 4 1/4 stars

This is the last book in the Truesight trilogy. Jacob was formerly a member of the all blind (by choice) community of Harmony on the planet Nova Campi, but when he gained his sight, he eventually had to flee his home. Jacob befriended a loner named Xander, and helps rescue Delaney, a girl from Harmony who ran away to the big city of Melville and gets entwined in the evil corporation Mixel. During his previous adventures, Jacob realizes he has developed some powers that allow him to glimpse the future and he has a vision of a boy who urges him to find a group in hiding of others like him on the planet Teiresias. Now in this final installment, Jacob leaves Nova Campi on a freighter with the hopes of finding this new home on Teiresias. But he discovers Mixel is on his trail, and he keeps dreaming of the ship crashing. Yet Jacob finds peace traveling among the stars, and when the ship makes the jump into a wormhole through what is called Otherspace, Jacob finds he is able to walk around and explore while everyone else is more or less frozen in time and space. What is this new power? Can Jacob find this new community of others like him? Or is he leading the bad guys straight to them? What is his place in the world? This very interesting series ends with a bang (literally), as we follow Jacob on his dangerous journey through space to try and find both his new people and his calling in life. There are crashes, escapes, mystery and danger, and the ending leaves the door open for possible new adventures. A good finish to an interesting series.